Modadove - Update on COVID-19

We believe and hope that you all are keeping safe and healthy by following preventive measures.

As we all are aware of this pandemic and how its effecting everyone of us, it has made this world complete upside down but we’re together struggling and fighting along.

At this present time, we are accepting orders and are shipping with few changes and have set the following limitations:

We are restricting orders above 100 pills at present, which means you won’t be able to place orders above 100 pills, this is to ensure everyone gets a chance to buy this smart drugs during this hard time of Global crisis.

We have capped our bitcoin discount to 12% for now.

We have also capped bonuses & extras of 20 on orders above $100 to 10.

There is a delay on delivery, this is due to either back logs on each transit facilities or very little manpower to execute its normal speedy process, due flights cancellation and lock down etc. please expect a delay of 7 to 10 days, so we’re looking at 2 and half weeks to 3 weeks.

This delay depends on locations or countries depending on their current situation at the particular time the package is travelling.

There would be a moratorium on reshipments until we are back at normal operating status.

Please be patience in-case of none movement of your package, its simply because of slow processing effected by Covid – 19 outbreak and it should be moving, we’ll also make sure you get your product and that you don’t lose your money to us, shall reship your product once everything gets back to normal.

This is a temporary steps we’ve taken to ensure everyone get’s their orders fulfilled and we’re One among other few vendors that has stocked up your smart drugs and is operational and shipping.

Please feel free to email and check back this page for updates further.

Best Regards!

Jay W.

Team Modadove -

We have the following drugs available to ensure you get all your needs and can be ordered/ inquired by sending us an email to and will be manually processed.

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